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We buy capacity. 


By combining your capabilities with our payload hosting services, you can offer highly attractive solutions. We ensure an easy integration and operation of the payloads for you. 

We can fit our payloads to your spacecraft with our universal interface for you to broaden your commercial horizon.

OTV & Spacetugs 


Simplify your payload hosting offer with a more repeatable approach, while improving your hosting offering and expanding its addressable market. 



Constellation Satellites


The integration of payload hosting capabilities into your satellite could bring you significant advantages, such as a diversification of your services, a revenue generation, a market expansion.

Large Satellites


Thanks to our standardized payload hosting platform, you can facilitate the accommodation of payloads on your satellite. We handle all the technical and commercial aspects, ensuring easy integration and operation of the payloads


Download our payload hosting form to get listed as a hosting provider: 

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