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Access to space is evolving,
why shouldn't satellites?

In the past decade, the space industry has seen significant changes, primarily driven by the emergence of private space companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic. This evolution has mainly been focused on lowering the barrier of access to space by  lowering launch costs and increasing access to space.

Yet, on the satellite side, the conceptual approach of space missions hasn't changed a lot. Of course, the miniaturization of electronic components has allowed the rise of CubeSats and with them an easier access to orbit, opening the way to a diversification of space uses. But we still conceive satellites as in the beginning of the space age: a platform that provides the necessary to a main instrument during a mission, strictly defined well before launch.

At SpaceLocker we are committed to making a change to answer the need for affordable, flexible, reliable and sustainable space missions.


Space is in our DNA.


The Founders

Theophile & Baptiste are both space engineers that grew up with the rise of NewSpace, both seeing it from different perspectives : one more launch & startup-oriented and the other more satellite & institution-oriented. From their meeting, their complimentarity and their will to make the space world move, SpaceLocker was born.

Theophile Lagraulet

Baptiste Fournier



Nikos Kouglionis

Mechanical Engineer

full time


Funsho David

Ground Software Lead 

full time


Mélian Nguyen

Embedded Software Engineer 

full time


Amélie Kempf

Thermal & System Engineer



Elio Darricarrère

Mechanical & System Engineer


Sofia Baghri

 Software Engineer


Apolline Horn

Business Developer



Standing on the shoulders of giants.

Comprised of experts in relevant industries, our advisory board provides guidance and counsel to our executive team, sharing their experience and expertise to help us make the best decisions possible. They serve as an invaluable resource, bringing new perspectives and insights that help us to stay innovative, agile, and competitive.  We are proud to have them as a part of our team.

Christophe Verbaere

François Lagunas

Victoria Carter Cortez

Daniel Katz

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Stanislas Maximin

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