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Build your payload, we take care of the rest. Our innovative technology simplifies your access to space by adapting our host satellites to fit more than one payload for a faster, cost-efficient and sustainable mission.


A seamless access to space

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We send you our standards and you build your payload

We plug the payloads on a host satellite

Host satellite is launched

We operate the satellite

You make operation orders & gather data on our platform

Our Solution

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Locker size 4.png

A technology to 
Containerize payloads 


To simplify and democratize payload hosting, we have developed a universal interface comparable to a « Space USB port ». As USB ports on computers, it enables us to plug any payload type indifferently while giving our users a known space to develop their payloads.
Retro-compatible with the CubeSat standard, it is yet highly modular and enables our users to design larger and heavier payloads.
We have even included a modular structure to hold your payload in what we call « Space Containers » - an open-source standard that we will release very soon!






Creating an abstraction level



Our Prices

Pay as you Go


Add flexibility to your mission with our subscription model. We offer you a cost-efficient mission with an entry cost 5 times lower than for an equivalent satellite. Furthermore with our pay as you use options, you can adapt your mission to its evolution in real-time in orbit.

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Flight opportunities

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