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Launch opportunities

"To make space you need to go in space."

Discover our first launch opportunities below from our early technological demo in 2024 to the first resupply of our Locker in 2027, find the right flight for your payload !


Out Of The Box
Demo Mission 1

Few slots remaining

Date : Q4-2024

Destination : SSO - 500-600km

Mission type : Shared Satellite

Slot size : 4x 1.5U

Set to launch at the end of 2024, our Out Of The Box Mission is a shared 12U CubeSat mission with 3+ payloads onboard. Our customers will receive "The Key", our interface, at the beginning of 2024 to build their payload. They will then be assembled to the core and tested in-house. This mission is a high visibility & low cost innovative demonstration of how satellites of tomorrow will be build.




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