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Experienced satellite systems engineer

Toulouse, France

Located in 

Full-time - 60 to 80% possible



Starting from 

You must have citizenship from a country of the European Union or NATO to apply to this position.

SpaceLocker is looking to create a proper systems studies team to improve its designs and concepts on plug-and-play payload interfacing, and to size space systems that will offer flexible payload hosting ot our end users.

In this position, you will work with the CTO to:

  • Lead short-term procurement efforts for SpaceLocker’s early missions, including preliminary analyses and make-buy trade-offs,

  • Contribute to the maturation of advanced concepts involving docking and in-orbit-services, like mini-stations for payload hosting,

  • Support the product team in the sizing and pricing of space systems to support SpaceLocker’s future products and services,

  • Build SpaceLocker’s vision and culture around space systems, on reliability, testing, etc., as well as build a team of talented systems engineers around you,

  • Support junior members of the team, through peer reviews and mentoring.

The plus sides:

  • You will get involved in high-level discussions and design decisions from day one, in a company with a straightforward decision process,

  • Dedicated budget and time for training on hard and soft skills,

  • Freedom of action and choice of tools, with true industrial achievements in the short term,

For this opportunity, a compensation package is fully negotiable from a basis of 55k€ per year. Attractive equity (stock options) access. Relocation costs could be reimbursed, especially for candidates coming from lower purchase power countries in Europe.

Your Mission

Your Profile

This list is not exhaustive nor exclusive. No self-censorship here, if you think your profile fits, even if not ticking all the boxes, feel free to apply and explain to us why in your first email!

Hard skills

  • You have formal training in STEM and 3-5 years of experience in a system engineering position in the space industry,

  • You have experience of preliminary design for a satellite at system level, and are proficient with mission design tools like STK, or preliminary design tools like IDM-CIC.

  • Phase D and AIT experience would be a plus, or experience in end-to-end architecture roles (“telecom architect” positions etc.),

  • You can do mission analysis, platform budgets (mass, data, energy, etc.), lead discussion in a make-buy trade-off, and interface with subcontractors and providers to request quotes and help manage procurement and progress,

  • You are not afraid of technical subjects you don’t know yet and have diverse skills in your toolbox. Don’t hesitate to show us a bit of what you’ve done !

Soft skills

  • You like practical, hands-on projects, and show autonomy. The startup world is a bit messy sometimes, and we’ll need your help on unexpected topics to keep up with the swirl of things going on,

  • You know how to communicate about your results, including conveying their interest to a non-technical public,

  • You have had a first experience of working in a leadership position in a team, and enjoy teaching and stimulating your peers

  • You are passionate about space and have a general culture about the space sector. Having a network in the field is a big plus!

About the Company

SpaceLocker aims to make satellite missions more efficient and sustainable.

To achieve this, we develop shared satellite missions or more technically in-orbit payload hosting. This hosting service enables any organization to launch easily and quickly sensors or experiments to harvest space data without having to hassle with the technical satellite and space segment part. On the other side, by sharing higher-end space infrastructure, our customers increase their performances and reduce the environmental impact of their missions both regarding emissions and debris production. Technically, this is made possible thanks to a technological stack combining proprietary hardware and cloud-inspired software into a "space USB for satellites" that enables this revolutionary plug-and-play effect.


We are not trying to build a dog picture blockchain nor a hotel on the Moon, but a rock-solid company that will provide the foundations for the next generation of space exploration. This intention is anchored to a strong technical expertise, a quick prototyping approach and a direct link to the market.


SpaceLocker is a company firmly engaged about diversity and inclusivity, of age, gender, origins, handicap or any other characteristic (and we are aware of the slight irony, the founder team being the most average white guys you can imagine 😀). Progress and inclusion are not just corporate speech: we are aware it needs actual efforts and compromises.

For the French speakers (or the one not afraid by a mobile app in French !) , if you like, you can send us a  video cover letter with Impress, the easy app for applicants who want to make a good impression ✨
👉 Go to, download the app and create a new application with the code SPK101

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