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Mechanical engineer

Toulouse, France


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You must have citizenship from a country of the European Union to apply to this position.

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This list is not exhaustive nor exclusive. No self-censorship here, if you think your profile fits, even if not ticking all the boxes, feel free to apply and explain to us why in your first email!

Hard skills

  • You are a STEM student, with at least a bachelor in mechnanical engineering or a related subject,

  • You have experience of mechanical design and CAD modelling

  • Being familliar with the world of 3D printing and have already 3D-printed something would be nice

  • You have experience or a good understanding of thermal engineering - applied to space would be a plus

  • You are not afraid of technical subjects you don’t know yet, and have diverse skills in your toolbox.

  • Don’t hesitate to show us a bit of what you’ve done ! 

Soft skills

  • You like practical, hands-on projects, and show autonomy. The startup world is a bit messy sometimes, and we’ll need your help on unexpected topics to keep up with the swirl of things going on,

  • You know how to communicate about your results, including conveying their interest to a non-technical public,

  • You are passionate about space, and have a technical and technological culture about the sector. Having a bit of a network (teachers, other students, partners from a former project, etc.) is a plus !

About the Company

SpaceLocker aims to make satellite missions more efficient and sustainable. To achieve this, we develop in-orbit payload hosting stations based on our docking port technology, the "USB port of satellites".


Our vision is to become the preferred solution for sending equipment into orbit, so as to reduce space pollution, and to become the leading supplier of docking interfaces for satellites.


We are not trying to build a dog picture blockchain nor the new Airbnb, but a profitable company that will provide the foundations for the next generation of space exploration. This intention is anchored to a solid technical expertise, a quick prototyping approach and a strong link to the market.

It’s the startup world, with the good stimulating aspects, and without the weird fetish for table soccer: we are a no-bullshit company that counts on senior advisors and every team member to reach credible milestones quickly and efficiently.


SpaceLocker is a company firmly engaged about diversity and inclusivity, of age, gender, origins, handicap or any other characteristic (and we are aware of the slight irony, the founder team being the most average white guys you can imagine 😀) . Progress and inclusion is not just corporate speech: we are aware it needs actual efforts and compromises.

During this internship, you'll be working on SpaceLocker "Satellite USB port", a technology that enables to connect nearly any payload to any spacecraft.

More precisely, your missions will include :

  • Mechanical design (3D modelling and manufacturing drawings)

  • Mechanical and thermal simulaton and analysis

  • Thermal design

  • Manufacturing follow-up on conventional machinning and 3D printing (you follow the production of our first flight protoype)

  • Suppliers management (sourcing, contact, follow-up...)

To do so, you'll be in direct contact with the CTO and the founders that will help you precise your missions, follow your objective and achieve the best !

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The Mission

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