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Get your payload in orbit for free

Board SpaceLocker's first flight to demonstrate your payload in Low Earth Orbit !

This mission will be the first flight of our interface technology lifting off in October 2024 onboard Transporter 12 mission of SpaceX.


Requirements : 

- Fit folded in 10x10x20cm

-Flight model ready by April 30th, 2024

You're only a box away from space...

1/ Fill your payload form

Go on Payload form | Spacelocker and give us more details about your payload. Be specific about the maturity of the payload and how you will be able to have a flight model ready in March 2024. 

2/ Express your interest for the contest

After filling the form, send us an email at

You can share here complementary documents.

3/ We confirm your application

You'll receive our User Guide and an NDA to sign covering all details about your payload and the flight.

For any question write us at

Turnkey space missions

We make space missions more accessible and sustainable by providing end-to-end missions to fly your hardware onboard shared satellites or as secondary payloads of existing vehicles.

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